Switchblade Kittens

Drama - vocalist
Pep - bass ("bassorama")
Tabbie - bass ("drumbass")
Latte - bass

Switchblade Kittens came crashing onto the music scene with their indie rock cover of everyone’s favorite Titanic theme, “My Heart Will Go On”. This iceberg inspired hit hardly caused the Kittens to sink, instead the song began playing on over 300 college radio stations in the US, Canada, and Australia. The world famous KROQ in Los Angeles introduced the band over commercial airwaves with the cover but the Kittens main stayed in underground radio with their new tune, “Ode to Harry” a tribute to the character from the hit book series, Harry Potter. This helped pave the way to the UK, while playing on Steve Lamacq’s show on Radio 1 in the UK. Steve spread the cat scratch fever with an original Switchblade Kittens song, “All Cheerleaders Die” (the theme song from a B movie starring the quirky lead singer aptly named, Drama). Most notably, Switchblade Kittens is an all-bass, girl centric band. The band earned an international ad spot and sponsorship with ARIA basses for inventing two new bass sounds. The “Bassorama”, played by the band’s “token male”, is a bass that sounds like a guitar, the “Bassola” is engineered to play like a viola and keyboards and the "DrumBass" is engineered to sound like a full drumset. These basses, invented by the singer, give the Kittens an original sound to go along with their ultra-original look. The singer has rainbow hair and the Kittens come in rainbow colors. Their live shows have been described as a “small colourful punk rock amusement park contained on a stage”. The Kittens have been able to show their true colors live by playing shows from opening for the indie band, the Strokes at the South By Southwest music festival to performing on the Vans Warped Tour.

The Kittens are promoting their third CD called "Rebel Princess," released in 2009. The CD is inspired by the Meg Cabot books. Promoting this CD has led them to play at Princess oriented events and libraries.

Their 2nd CD called “The Weird Sisters” is inspired by the Harry Potter books about wizards and witches. The Kittens wrote the first ever "Wizard Rock" song, "Ode to Harry".

Their first CD is called Hey Punk! Try Heroine{s}. The name is an anti-drug statement encouraging people to try female heroes instead of the drug. Switchblade Kittens do not drink alcohol or participate in drug use. They believe a clean body and clean mind makes happy kitties. Between being the anti-guitar and anti-drug band, punking the Titanic, zany horror movies, and magic cats, one wonders what catnip this band will think of next.

he End