The Show and the Snow
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Tuesday, 20 January 2009 09:30
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
2. Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Internet: lol cats
4. Book: Twilight series
5. Something Fab: free inaguration coffee at Starbucks

The New York Public Library Benefit On January 9 To Celebrate The Final Volume In The Princess Diaries Series With Meg Cabot.

Day of the show, breakfast on the second floor, yay! (bother, bother) Latte explains the origin of her name with a free latte compliments of the Casablanca hotel.


Casablanca Hotel

Now I start getting ready for the show while Pep goes to get his new strap. Tabbie does my hair in this beautiful fancy braid that goes all around my tiara and holds it in so it won’t fall out while I jump around at the show. Once ready, we gather everything and try to find another really large cab. We wait for a big cab and hail over a Toyota SUV cab but this cab is smaller on the inside than it looks on the outside. We have a hard time getting all the equipment in the cab but we manage it with stuff on our laps and even on the cab driver’s lap and then we’re off. Finally we get to the library but an hour later than planned. The room is beautiful and filled with free gift bags compliments of Vera Wang Princess perfume and lip gloss.

Photo by Lisa DeTullio Russell

As we walk in we start meeting all the wonderful people we had only known by e-mail before. We meet Rachael who organized the whole event and was the person that booked the hotel for us. Thank you Rachael and Meg.

Switchblade Kittens with Meg Cabot

Jack Martin is also here. He is the fabest librarian in New York and Chris his assistant I am sure is only an assistant part time when he is not being a super model. Thank you Jack and Chris.

Switchblade Kittens with Jack

Mike, the most competent sound person on the planet, and his assistant Brian help us get set up on the stage and try to get a decent sound from Pep’s backup bass. Thank you Mike and Brian. We are hungry now (again) so we sneak out with Chris and go to Pax Wholesome Foods for some strange sandwiches. All that organic food is so weird. We scarf the food in record time and rush back to the library because it’s almost time for us to play. The event is totally fab. Tons of celebrities (Mo Rocca!) are here and fans and celebs alike are all dressed up in dresses and tiaras. Super awesome! Meg takes the stage with Austin Scarlett (from Project Runway) and introduces all the tiaras for the auction which by the way you can still bid on here. The money from these tiaras goes to the New York Public Library to keep the word free. Word!

Photo by Lisa DeTullio Russell

Meg then does a speech about the Princess Diaries and then she does a question and answer session. Love Meg. She is so funny. Then it’s our turn. While Meg does her book signings, we play for everyone waiting in line. We play Size 12 Is Not Fat, Sneaky Sock Eater, Frenemy and a bunch of other songs from our Rebel Princess CD. It’s a blast. In the front row cheering us on, even though everyone else is in line, is Jennifer Vineyard and Kurt Loder. They are the foremost music commentary couple and it is a huge compliment that they like us. They really like us! As we perform, Lisa takes all these photos. She is an amazing photographer. You can see her stuff here We end the show with a tiara piñata that Pep holds while girls in tiaras hit it.

Photo by Lisa DeTullio Russell
Photo by Lisa DeTullio RussellPhoto by Lisa DeTullio Russell
Photo by Lisa DeTullio RussellPhoto by Lisa DeTullio Russell

We work up a pretty good appetite trying to hail another overlarge cab after the show ended so we head over to the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. There they misinterpret my tiara for a birthday tiara and they give me a free Sunday with a burning candle in it. The waiter is singing me this really angry birthday song that is probably left over from the grunge years but free ice cream is always welcome!

Drama w free Sunday at Hard Rock Cafe

Pep finds his lost pants.

Pep's pants

As we leave New York it starts to snow heavily and I begin screaming “Snowmageddon!” Tabbie then acquiesces that yeah, this is Snowmageddon. We say goodbye to the Statue of Liberty made of Legos in the JFK airport.

Switchblade Kittens with the Lego Statue of Liberty

Mmmmm…Legos. Before our plane takes off they have to scrape the ice off the wings of the plane so we can take off. Pep doesn’t really like the loud noise it makes but we take off safely.

All in all, a pretty fun show. Hopefully we can do another show with Meg Cabot in the future. She says she may write about Princess Mia’s college years so you never know.

~taste the rainbow~