Fan interview with Pep 
(Boi Kitten)
THE Bassoramist
Sun Sign - Aquarius
Color - Blue
Hogwarts House - Ravenclaw



Pep started singing "I Hate Rice and Beans" when he was just a baby in Puerto Rico. A marked man at every cafeteria in Puerto Rico, Pep migrated to Miami where he quickly became ostracized for foolishly revealing his true feelings about pink flamingos in public. Once again a marked man, Pep migrated to Los Angeles where he is hopelessly lost and constantly mistaken for Anthony Kiedis. Pep still has no musical talent but is constantly reassured by his band mates "Don't worry, we don't keep you around for your brain!".


Pep on the bass (and on the skateboard) 


Have you seen me? Isn't it obvious that I have no idea what I'm doing?



theSTART, Dragster Barbie, TuULi, Missing Persons, Puffy AmiYumi, That Dog, Kenickie, Bruce Lee

Pep wacky wobbler by funko


Skating, surfing and skiping skool.


"I'm a looser baby, so why don't you kill me." -Beck