2 fans ask 2 band members20 questions...

Jyl and the Noelle

Pep and Drama
1. How did you come up with the name Switchblade Kittens?
Drama- Wait I can't do this without coffee… hold on… (Brings out huge latte cup)…Ok. The name actually came from a short film directed by Jim Edwards-the founder of Barking Weasel productions. He made a really funny short film about this menacing cat named Switchblade Kitten that attacks and eats green army men that a little boy leaves lying on the floor. I won't tell you the end but it is quite humorous. So the name of that cat was Switchblade Kitten. It was also a perfect name cause I wanted a “feminist, we are all grrls in this together” name but we are by no means woose grrls. I liked the fact that Switchblade brings to mind toughness and Kitten is a slur for female. So people would know we are tough grrls.

Pep- Yeah, what she said.

Barking Weasel
Barking Weasel

2. Do you find communication with your fans much easier through the Internet?

Drama- I do. I post back every fan that posts me. I love my fans. And the Internet creates an intimacy you can't really get performing live. It is strange but a lot o my fans write me about their family problems or their boyfriend getting beat up by preps. (Which is why I had to make ASK DRAMA) And when I perform I can know all these things about them. It is like I know the life stories of everyone in the first five rows at our show. It is really totally different than it was 1 year ago. I actually REALLY know my audience.

Pep- Well I suppose it would be easier but everyone hates me. The last time I talked to a fan... I guess there was no last time. Everyone hates me. I went to Target today but I didn't find anything I like. Actually I saw these really kool shoes but then Drama bought them for herself (she hates me). I did see a new Buzz Lightyear video there but it was a drawn animation not a computer animation like the movies. Target hates me.

Drama- the shoes were made of red glitter, if he wore them people would think he was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Pep is grouchy and needs a nap. I think we woke him up from his beauty sleep. : P

3. Do you ever think you're un-pretty?

Drama- All the time. I think I have big thighs. Sometimes my boyfriend can say something that makes me feel un-pretty. But he can piss off. When I need a boost I read The Beauty Myth by Susan Faudi, then I can grasp my self-loathing by the neck and say, “Snap out of it! You are just an oppressed member of society.” I am Pretty on the Inside.

Pep- That's so mean. You're just asking 'cause you think I'm ugly. Why do you hate me?

4. What has been the most exciting part of the band's career so far?

Drama- Meeting ex- president Clinton. I really like her and I am a strong supporter of hers…I feel so “running for office” right now, eep! The one thing that will live in infamy is show'n'tell. Our rehearsal space is situated directly behind a house. A five-year-old boy named Jesse and his family live in the house. Jesse comes into the rehearsal space all the time; he tries to play everyone's instruments. We have resorted to bribing him to keep him off them. Candy, money, anything just don't touch the drums anymore! Anyway, this kid hangs around and we just give him earplugs and let him stay. So he had been telling his teacher at school that he had a band in his backyard. The teacher and the other kids didn't believe him and some of the kids called him a liar. So he comes into our rehearsal and says, can you come to show'n'tell? And we laughed at first but then we realized the crap Jesse was taking for talking about our existence. So we packed up all our gear and went to class with him. We played a few songs for show'n'tell in Jesse's class and then the whole school literally; the whole pre-school came out to listen. Then all these 5, 6, and 7 year-olds started dancing around. Then the teachers started dancing on tables. It was really the best. Move over Elmo.

Carol Kaye
Carol Kaye
Pep- Meeting amazing people. I met Carol Kaye. She is the bomb bassist. She put me to shame, but it was still amazing meeting her. I met Rodney Bingenheimer. He was really nice. I met Hoku. She was the most wonderful and down to earth person. I don't think she noticed me though. Not her fault – I was really quiet and there were other people in the elevator. (Pep is soo shy) I met Gerardo. He is Rico Suave. I really like him. He is really funny. I met Princess, Fon-Lin and P-Girl from the Hissyfits. They invited me to their show and then we hung out. I met Kelly, Teresa and Amy from Dragster Barbie and even got to work with Teresa on a Switchblade Kittens project for www.voxxy.com. I met Jenny Vegas from Tuuli and got invited to a Tuuli show. She is Aquarius like me. I also sang Happy Birthday with Marylin Manson and ate ice-cream with Emilio Estavez.
Drama- but we are not name dropping or anything.

5. Who were your idols growing up?

Drama- Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson- “Teenage Whore” was the first song I learned on guitar, Carol Kaye- the greatest bass player in the universe, That Dog, L7, Blondie, Madonna, George Sand- a French novelist and poetess, Emily Dickinson- poetess. Your mum.

Pep- Bruce Lee. He could do anything he thought he could do.

6. What is the difference between a bassist and a bassoramist?

Pep- I have no idea. I just get to buy Kewl clothes and that's all I care about.

Drama- well a bassist plays an electric bass like say, Carol Kaye. But I invented the bassorama so therefore Pep is the only bassoramist I know. Are you asking what the bassorama is? (The grrls nod) The Bassorama was named the Bass O' Drama-very Irish. But I didn't think the name gave any credit to Pep, he chose to play it after all. The Bassorama is a mixture of tuning and several effects through a processor. So Pep had to play it everyday so he tweaked it and made the final effects combination that you hear on the CD. I am taking apart basses again. I invented what I am calling the bassola. It is a bass that sounds like a viola. Right now it sounds like a pissed off cat right now. But it is getting there. I think the bassola will be on the new CD. Maybe your instrument becomes an extension of yourself. Hey if you don't like instruments, invent your own. (After this interview, Coffie Kitten joined the band and now plays the new "Bassola").

7. How did you gals (and one guy meet)?

Pep- The best thing that ever happened to these gals was meeting me. Without me there wouldn't be a guy in the band. Actually I think I'll let Drama tell this one…

Drama- Surprise (Drama says sarcastically) Ok well I will tell you how Pep and I met. I am a really big fan of the cartoon Madeline. And I liked the character named Pepito; if you have never seen him he is a boy with straight dark hair and big dark eyes. Well, I was heading to a party of an artist friend (Xavier Cartoon) of mine in Miami. And I got in the elevator and there was a guy that looked just like Pepito in Madeline. So I looked at him and said “Pepito!” and he said “What?” Hahahaha he answered me and then said, “How did you know my name?” So it ends up we are going to the same party and we talked and became best friends. And it wasn't until a year later that I told him why I said Pepito in the elevator. He thought I was psychic. Pepito Pepito

8. Have you received any movie offers?

Yey! Drama- I just finished acting in the movie All Cheerleaders Die, I played a cheerleader zombie. I like being a B movie personality. I am Angelyne only with clothes ON. We have done about 4 billion movie soundtracks; we are like soundtrack kittens right now. But I am going to be in another B movie where I play a vampire. It is shooting in Portland in about 8 months. Hahaha I always eat people I can't stop. They are chewy. We are also doing a commercial next month, oh stop hissing, it is for a non-profit, sheesh! bummer...

Pep- I wish! The only movie offer I get is from the sign at Seven Eleven that says: These premises are being monitored by close circuit television. And that's not even film!

9. What's your stand on drugs and alcohol?

Drama- I am straight edge. I don't do drugs, drink, or smoke cigarettes. But I have a pretty expensive coffee habit

Pep- If I took a stand against drugs, I'm sorry. I'll give it back I promise. It must have just been in my hand and I walked out with it. There's no need to get the cops involved. I'm a good kid. I don't drink or smoke or do drugs. Honest! I've never stolen anything in my life. This is a mistake. Drama did it! She takes everyone's stuff. I'll tell you where she hides it all. Anything just don't tell my mom!

Drama- sometimes you gotta take a stand.

10. When did it first hit you that you've made it?

Drama-being in ROCKRGRL magazine. I subscribe to it! I was in it. Wow. I am so blown away. I remember being a teenager dreaming of being in ROCKRGRL someday. We even played the ROCKRGRL conference in Seattle.

Pep- One day I was driving on the 101 Freeway and I heard our song on KROQ (the alternative rock station in Los Angeles). We were on the Rodney on the ROQ show. That was when I realized other people were listening to our songs. But, you haven't really made it until Weird Al covers your song. I can see it now “My Dad's a Platypus”

11. What are some of your hobbies?

Drama- I read constantly, every second. Right now I am reading all the Harry Potters over and over, you have to read the whole series it is sooo good, The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George, and everything by Meg Cabot. I am into her Mediator series right now. That is just this week, but I usually read historical biographies of strong women. I surf the net too much and sometimes I direct other people's music videos (sometimes without their knowledge).

Pep- You know… guy stuff. You wouldn't understand.

Drama- Guy stuff? Hahaha Yeah he likes to chop wood, and go hunting with his buddies Ralph, Gunter and Mud. Hahahahha whatever!

12. What is your favourite song on your CD “Hey Punk Try Heroines”?

Hey Punk!  Try Heroine[s] Drama- Well it actually changes every week. But I guess I would have to say “All Cheerleader's Die” cause I wrote it about the sucky time I had in school. The bully grrls used to wait by the grrl's WC to beat me up. They spread rumours about me it was truly horrible. I didn't think I would live through it. Everyone looked and acted the same. School was like being attacked by the Malibu Barbie Isle at Toys R Us.
Pep-“It Isn't Fair” and “My Dad's A Janitor”. I cheated, I told two…(It's my job to constantly push the envelope, right off the desk)

13. What is the biggest misconception about you?

Drama- that I had plastic surgery to look this ugly.

Pep- That I'm a female. … Stop it with that shocked expression! It's TRUE! I'm a guy.

14. What did you do today before this interview?

Pep- Shopped!

Drama- Hahhahaha. I went shopping. I actually NEVER shop. I hate trying to drive in LA and parking, whew, forget it! Pep is a happy shopper though. I bought some leopard skin (not real leopard skin) pajamas and a statue of the Goddess Hera for my living room. Hera talks to me sometimes in my dreams. It is pretty odd…


15. Tell us about the mural?

Drama- well rumour has it that on a highway somewhere in the Northeast of the states, there is a mural dedicated to Switchblade Kittens. Apparently fans of ours went out in the middle o the night and spray-painted the highway in honour of us. Some fans of ours from New York said they saw it on the way to North Carolina. Unfortunately they don't remember what state they were in at the time. But they took a picture of it. I should get that in the mail any day now.

Pep- I am so ready to have a party. What about you? We'll pin the tail on the burro and go crazy. Yeah?

Drama- I think it is a mural as in art. This is not just graffiti where you write your name this is a work of art. It must have taken them several hours to do. And the state hasn't covered it up, because lots o drivers though it was supposed to be there, like art commissioned by the state. I am glad it was made for us. I would rather someone spray paint an homage to a band that doesn't promote alcohol, or drugs than have it be some gang code that was inspired by drugs and violence. These people were obviously inspired by our music and expression inspired by music is art. I am proud to be the muse for that highway mural. It is just “the man” trying to drag us down. Fight the power.

16. Who writes the songs in the band?

Drama- I write all the lyrics and do song /music arranging.

Pep- Actually, we work together. Drama and I are very much a team. I love the bassorama and I love to push the limits of it. I never mess with lyrics though. That's woman's work. (Send your hate mail to Pep c/o Switchblade Kittens 1746-F South Victoria Avenue, Suite 394, Ventura, CA 93003.)

17. We've heard people saying that Pep looks like Bart Simpson, what character do you think you look like?

Drama- I act like Emma Peel. But watching the movie 10 Things I Hate About You was truly strange. That character is exactly me in high school except the Australian boyfriend guy. Hey! Where's my Australian guy? Can we get a tall, dark, and handsome with boomerang in here please! My friend told me I looked like a Veela in the book Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. And my grandmum told me the other day that I looked like Olivia Newton-John in the movie Grease. “You're the one that I want, ewe ewe ewe Honey!

Pep- Pepe lePieu

Drama- I think he looks like the alien from Toy Story. Eye, yeye, eye.

18. Do you consider yourself an anti-pop culture icon?

Drama- hmmm…maybe it is the pink pastel coloured clothes juxtaposed by the thick spike necklace and the combat boots. I am a strong feminist, I have rainbow hair, I don't look like Barbie, I look like mal-adjusted Barbie... It is simple, play an instrument, kill your television, don't believe everything you read, think for yourself, don't get pregnant and go to college. Ok I am answering the question…I don't know, sometimes I hear myself sounding like Johnny Rotten but then you have to ask, why am I saying the same things Johnny said 25 years ago? Is it because nothing has changed?

Pep- I live in Pastel land. I am more like a Pop-Art icon.

19. The question everyone wants to ask, Is it true that Drama punched Celine Dion after she said the Kittens version of “My Heart Will Go on” was awful?

Pep- I wish she had. Celine hates me. Drama hates me too. Everyone hates me.

Drama- Noooooooooo! Not this. Don't believe the gossip EEP! I didn't punch Celine Dion. My own mum even called me and told me not to pick on poor Celine. She said it was obvious Celine has troubles cause the poor grrl is sooo skinny and I was being a bully! I didn't do it. I have never even met Celine. It is rumoured that Celine said that our song was a disgrace but Celine never said anything to us so we can't verify it all. Sheesh! Now if I ever ran into the sexist pick head (Kid Rock) then it might be a different story. I might be Courtney Lovin it.

20. What's next for the Kittens?

Drama- Well our second CD comes out July 11th and it is called The Weird Sisters. It is a CD about Harry Potter. We will start recording our 3rd CD very soon. That one will be called Rebel Princess and it is all inspired by the books of Meg Cabot. I love her :)

Pep- Yeah, what she said.