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Happy V-Day! The Death of Courtly Love.
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Sunday, 15 February 2009 07:09

This Valentine's Day I am thinking about love relationships gone utterly wrong. If you have a relationship, great, if not, I think one should be grateful that one is not involved with a complete jerk. Think upon past historical f*ckwits to brighten your Valentine's Day of which no one personifies this as well as King Henry VIII of England.

Let's ponder him for a moment, King Henry had 6 wives:

Wife #1 - Catherine of Aragon - locked in a tower till she died

Parent minding is Universal
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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:11

So I rushed out of the fab Meg Cabot show to fly to my parents house to attend another surgery on my da. Pep was on the same plane as I and decided to come with me for moral (or immoral) support. My father had been diagnosed with a clogged aorta or something that on the picture looked white and squishy and menacing. The doctors were doing the final blood work to prepare him for surgery when they lost the white squish… his clog disappeared!! Odd. Then surgery was cancelled and everyone was puzzled, Great *sigh* they’ll be no living with my father now! Because of course he is convinced he cured himself. According to him I had many years to look forward to because of my fine Irish genetics. Fine Irish genetics this…and fine Irish genetics that…good lord as if no Irishman had ever died before. To celebrate I decided to take my fine Irish genetics and his fine Irish genetics and the rest of the fine Irish genetics to Universal Studios.

Upon entering the theme park Pep was accosted by Shaggy, he said “Hey dude, like your hair!” Then Pep went off with Shaggy and Scooby and that was the last I saw of him…

The Show and the Snow
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Tuesday, 20 January 2009 09:30

The New York Public Library Benefit On January 9 To Celebrate The Final Volume In The Princess Diaries Series With Meg Cabot.


Day of the show, breakfast on the second floor, yay! (bother, bother) Latte explains the origin of her name with a free latte compliments of the Casablanca hotel.

Snowmageddon!!! - January 8th 2009
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Saturday, 17 January 2009 13:04

Bringing the indie rock while Meg Cabot signs books at the New York Public Library! How exciting! But wait, are we sure we brought everything? Specifically I am worried because one missing chord (cord?) could unravel it all like a jumper. Where’s me jumper? Oh no. That is the mantra that keeps me awake at night, well several nights. Usually we travel in the tour van with everything we need to do a show but since we are taking a commercial flight to do this show we had to downsize every part of our show to fit in suitcases. Tabbie has a suitcase for her dress alone but some things are just that fluffy. So we have everything ready and are packing the car when Pep breaks his bass. He tries to fix it but can’t so he decides to take his spare bass instead. He doesn’t like the color of the spare so he quickly covers it with blue painter’s tape. We haven’t left yet and we already know that the show isn’t going to sound as good as what we practiced because his spare bass has a different sound than his normal bass. I’m getting hungry now but there isn’t time. We’re already late to the airport because of this bass debacle.

Princess Diaries vs Twilight???
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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 13:29

Ok so I was in the local chick-fil-a (this is my favourite haunt) sporting my pink PRINCESS OF GENOVIA hoodie (cause I represent) and this girl walks in with a tee that says:


She eyed my Meg Cabot hoodie then she gave me that look... like I am from a rival football club. Soooo apparently Princess Diaries people and Twilight people are feuding (clanning?) Did anyone know this?????? I had no idea

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