Fan interview with Tabbie  
(Angry Kitten)
THE Drumbassist
Sun Sign - Pisces
Color - Green
Hogwarts House - Slytherin



Tabbie Kitten is by far the most rebellious and outspoken feline in the litter. She's being held hostage, please send help, just kidding, no really, I'm not kidding, help me...

This little kitty purfurrrrs to work on cars and prowl around junk yards searching for treasures, than watching the tele.

She truly enjoys making the band roll with laughter, especially during rehearsal. It's apparent her main goal is making milk shoot out our facial orifices than practicing her bass. But she just wouldn't be Tabbie if she wasn't creating some sort of havoc.

This kookie redhead has been prowling around the punk scene since birth, even though she'll state she's never been in the "scene" and is a standing member of the "Un-crowd".

What you may not know about the newest member of the family is... she's Drama's half-sister.

Yes, loyal SBK fans and those that have just arrived on planet Kitten, Tabbie and Drama share the same blood-line. The girl's have the same mum, but different da's.

Drama is obviously 100% Irish, and Tab is half Irish and half Sicilian Italian... if they were boxers it would an interesting match. And sometimes these sisters are prone to cat fight.

We'd love to say Tabbie joined the band simply because she loves her sis, and she does, but the truth be told... her mother made her do it.


Tabbie on the bass



Classic cars, going to the batting cage, movies, laughing, tormenting my sister, building stuff with Pep, making jewelry with Autumn, jumping up and down on my bed, cart-wheels, playing with my doggy Max, re-decorating (Drama calls me the Martha Stewart of Punk - it’s a good thing), history, hanging out with my grandparents (they are righteous old people - they have the best stories), art galleries, true crime stories, maps (I love geography), anthropology, learning about other cultures and religious beliefs, oh yeah... MUSIC, like duh? right?



"Screw you guys, I'm going home." - Eric Cartman

"There's no I in B-A-N-D." - Max Kitten

"I have a dream." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (I get chills just thinking about that moving speech)





Tabbie fixing breakfast



South Park and everyone I mention throughout this page, although some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or those not found guilty.