An Ode to Aria by Ephonie & Drama

10 Reasons to Love Aria:

10. Huge selection what a treat!
9. Patch chord can't be beat!
8. Big bottom tone so sweet!
7. More energy than a hot rod in heat!
6. Customer service has their sh** together!
5. Lighter than a feather!
4. A stunner when you met her!
3. That inspires you to be better!
2. But won't get you in debtor!
1. AND more custom than a F***** (Fender).

What L.A.'s all bass band has to say about Aria:

When I came up with the idea for the bassorama (a bass to replace the lead guitar), many bass players scoffed. Hardly anyone likes to change the current system, but I do!!! So does Aria. The company is known for innovations in bass from extra lightweight bass models to ultra thin patch chords. Aria loves the idea of the bassorama and is currently working with Pep (cause he has to play it) to achieve better electronics to perfect the bassorama. Aria believes in new ideas, and I am all about new ideas frankly, that's why I play Aria basses.

I love my Aria IGB-68! With its sleek shape and powerful sound, it feels like it was tailor-made for me. I also love that it is lightweight and comfortable to play. Of all of the basses I've tried, this one has the best combination of tone, looks, and playability. It's a winner!

I like my Aria bass because it goes up to 11. (Spinal Pep)


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