--= February 2, 2009 =--
Switchblade Kittens on Rodney's show!

Switchblade Kittens MTV's best of 2007Rodney on the ROQ the legendary radio DJ is playing Switchblade Kittens! The Rodney on the ROQ show is on Sunday nights, 12-3 AM on KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles.

Rodney is one of the few DJs in the US that will play independent musicians. You can request any Switchblade Kittens song by calling the request line (800) 520-1067 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

--= December 4, 2007 =--
Switchblade Kittens on MTV's Best of 2007

Switchblade Kittens MTV's best of 2007

MTV posted the best of 2007 lists and we're #1!

For the full list click here

--= October 3, 2007 =--
Switchblade Kittens on TLP

Our song "Magic Cat" is featured on Leo Cain's radio show from TLP. You can listen to it here

--= June 30, 2007 =--
I Spy I-SCI-FI and Switchblade Kittens

was interviewed about
"The Weird Sisters" CD on I-SCI-FI.

link to episode :

itunes link:

--= June 21, 2007 =--
Switchblade Kittens in Movie Magic Magazine

Switchblade Kittens is mentioned in Movie Magic magazine
as having the first wizard rock song. This magazine is on newstands now.

--= June 8, 2007 =--
Meg Cabot blogs about Switchblade Kittens

Author Meg Cabot (you might know her from such books as The Princess Diaries series and The Mediator series) wrote about Switchblade Kittens in her blog.  Not only does she have great tatse in music but she has a pretty good blog too. Read the blog HERE.

--= June 6, 2007 =--
Switchblade Kittens on MTV News

Drama sings in MTV segment about Wizard Rock
See the segment and
Switchblade Kittens' Ode To Harry video HERE.

--= June 1, 2007 =--
Switchblade Kittens on

Emilee Lashes from candidly interviews Drama.
See it HERE.