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Saturday, 19 April 2008 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: John Adams the 7 part mini-series (it is the BEST)
2. Movie: Nim's island (Jodi is truly funny)
3. Internet: HGTV has a contest to win a fully enivoronmentally friendly house!
4. Book: Meg Cabot 24/7 cause I am writing a CD about her books
5. Something Fab: Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper

Dear Loser:

Every day you’re called a loser and every day you go to high school you want to die. The popular girls bully you and make your life miserable. You’re about to do something you will REALLY regret later… you’re going to try to fit in. I know every day you feel like dying, but if you do this, you could die for real. You’re Irish with fair skin and red tones in your blonde hair, the exact opposite of the Malibu Barbie types that torture you in this beach resort town you grew up in. They call you "albino" so you’ll join a tanning salon. After a year, you’ll discover that you’re incapable of getting a lasting tan and later at the young age of 24 you’ll discover the beginning stages of melanoma on your legs. Fortunately, this will be discovered in time, but nearly too late. You’ll bleach your hair to emulate the wheat blondes who are held up as the beauty standard. On your great grandmother's death bed she’ll tell you she misses how you two used to have the same exact color hair. Five hairdressers later you won’t be able to get your natural color back. They just don't make that strawberry blonde shade in a bottle. The mean girls will then call you "fat". You’re not by ANY stretch of the imagination, fat, but mean girls will find things wrong with you. Its then that the most dangerous event will happen, you’ll stop eating. You’ll stop eating for a long time and even as you dwindle to 97 pounds, these girls will be merciless. Nothing you do is good enough. All attempts at changing won't work because it's not you. Finally, in an emergency session with a doctor and your grandmother, you’ll understand that Irish girls aren't meant to be extra thin. Genetically it won't happen and you will die. You will have killed yourself in spite of your whole family for girls who will NEVER accept you. High school ends, I know it feels like it won't, but it does. You then go to a prestigious university 3,000 miles away and never meet any of these queen bees again.

You will one day embrace your Irish fiery strength and looks because you are different than everyone else. You will be glad you’re a "loser", because after losing your record contract, you start making your own CDs. You’re an independent thinker. You would have never been able to "think outside the box" if it hadn't been for those mean girls. Having to do things without support from society is par for the course for you. As an indie musician, you will be able to write songs about your horrid experiences and pre-teen girls from all over the world will e-mail you to say that you speak for them and their similar experiences. You survive and you’re a loser. You lose forever the sheep mentality. Long live the loser!

With love,
The Loser

~taste the rainbow~