SBK Hey Punk CD Cover


Suicide blonde riot grrl she's a screamer
She knows just how I feel a true believer
Pick up a ROCKRGRL she's on the cover
She got her first kill and made way for us to pick up a guitar

She's a heroine
When I'm lonely, she's my only friend
She's a heroine
She's not phony
She's a heroine

Proud that I was growing up just like her
Equal are all grrls, friend to my sister
Body type new world, she'll make is easier
I cried when she fell dredging her way through the glamorous gutter

She's on heroin
When she's lonely it's her only friend
She's on heroin
She loves it only
She's on heroin

Weak little girl she used to try
Too strong to let her fear inside
This fake blanket
For which she will lie
Career of regret
She will not buy
It's not too late
To change her life

She's off heroin
When she's lonely she will call a friend
She's off heroin
She loves life only
She's off heroin