SBK Hey Punk CD Cover

My Dad's A Janitor

My dad's a janitor
He is really clean
Kids make fun of him
But he means everything to me

When my dad wakes
He drinks an oversized cup of coffee
When he takes his lunch
He takes a 2-liter Hi-C
When he laughs
he shakes his big potbelly
When his back aches
I think he is so funny

He learned English when he was 24
He has this job for my college
so he can make some more
He yelled at me for
writing on the bathroom door
He just dances with his mop
when he mops the floor

My dad doesn't pay attention
when he watches TV
My dad sees my grades
and he starts to yell at me
My dad tried to teach me
how to drive but I hit a tree
My dad always messes up my hair
and says that he loves me

When I was young I lied, lied to my dad
When I was young I cried, cried to my dad
Now I am big and I fly, fly to see my dad