Princess Diaries vs Twilight???
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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 13:29
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Ugly Betty
2. Movie: Grease 2 (we did a cover of Cool Rider)
3. Internet: ninja cat!!!!!!
4. Book: Meg Cabot 24/7 cause I am writing a CD about her books
5. Something Fab: Victorian London Fog (vanilla creme in Earl Grey tea with foam)


Ok so I was in the local chick-fil-a (this is my favourite haunt) sporting my pink PRINCESS OF GENOVIA hoodie (cause I represent) and this girl walks in with a tee that says:


POG HoodieShe eyed my Meg Cabot hoodie then she gave me that I am from a rival football club. Soooo apparently Princess Diaries people and Twilight people are feuding (clanning?) Did anyone know this?????? I had no idea; I think it is quite humourous. I mean honestly, we both know how to READ, so what is the problem? Are we rival gangs?

So the chick-fil-a shopgirl explained it all to me and that she remained neutral because she likes both books. So I said to her "You can tell that vampire that this chick-fil-a is PRINCESS territory and if she doesn't like it I will stab her in the undead heart with my tiara!"

Then of course I was all lol and the girl laughed too, and I was thinking like what am I a Jet????? Is this the part where I sing "Sneaky Sock Eater" and she sings "Decode"? Then Edward Cullen hops about the trees and challenges Michael Moscovitz and Michael whips out his robotic arm? Brings new meaning to taking up arms.

So I decided to make a gang sign for what I like to call “The Tiara Gang” Hold up both hands your first 3 fingers on both hands. So you have 6 fingers in total. Turn your hands to where the back of your hands face out. Then place your ring fingers on top of each other. So you have made a 5 tier tiara. If you wear glitter nail varnish your nails will looks like jewels in the tiara. Tiara for LIFE, homie!!!!

So for the final rumble will Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer go neck and neck (pardon the pun) on a short story smackdown? A paranormal realistic battle of wits.

So I e-mailed Meg and here is Meg’s reply:

Yeah, this is unfortunate. Being a princess is all about being true to yourself and generous and giving and kind to others. I don't know why some misguided people think it's a bad thing.

Meg Cabot (not actual size)

Meg Cabot

So after Meg’s advice I will act like a princess and be gracious to the Vampire girls in my hood. Because deep down they don’t want to be at my chick-fil-a, they probably wish they were at home drinking Clamato. Anyway I live near Los Angeles and I don’t need to worry about vampires because that is what Buffy does :) So there you have it. Can’t we all just get along? We all can learn from Eleonore von Schwarzenberg that a princess can be a vampire and a vampire can be a princess…just remember a princess should never eat her guests, it is impolite.

After All, Pretty Fangs Are Just A Tiara Turned Upsidedown!

See you at our CD Release Party and Princess Diaries release party on January 9, 2009 at the New York Public Library :)

~taste the rainbow~