Happy V-Day! The Death of Courtly Love.
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Sunday, 15 February 2009 07:09
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
2. Movie: New In Town
3. Internet: making of Mamma Mia on youtube
4. Book: Ransom My Heart by Princess Mia
5. Something Fab: Little Debbie Heart shaped Cakes

This Valentine's Day I am thinking about love relationships gone utterly wrong. If you have a relationship, great, if not, I think one should be grateful that one is not involved with a complete jerk. Think upon past historical f*ckwits to brighten your Valentine's Day of which no one personifies this as well as King Henry VIII of England.

Let's ponder him for a moment, King Henry had 6 wives:

Wife #1 - Catherine of Aragon - locked in a tower till she died
Wife #2 - Anne Boleyn - beheaded
Wife #3 - Jane Seymour - died from an infection caused by childbirth
Wife #4 - Anne of Cleves - marriage was annulled because the King thought she was ugly
Wife #5 - Catherine Howard - beheaded
Wife #6 - Catherine Parr - the King died so she survived him (phew!)

King Henry VIII of England

Here is my Valentine's Day Poem:
To be the Valentine of ol King Henry, A gift given to not one but many, His affection oft times dreaded, For the love object too soon beheaded!

Sometimes love hurts... you may think your relationship bites but at least you are not dating Henry Tudor and if not in a relationship one should celebrate the fact that you are not in a relationship with King Henry. To celebrate take out one's mother for a ladies night on the town. Because your mum is the one who really loves you anyway.

For Valentine's Day I decided to go to the cinema so I saw the new Renée Zellweger movie New In Town. It is a romantic comedy starring Renee Zellweger as Lucy Hill, an executive of a food company sent to a teeny town in Minnesota to make personnel cuts. I LOVE this movie. If there is one truth in the world it is this, it is impossible to hate anyone from Minnesota. I am serious...

New In Town

I was gifted some really kool stuff from the people who love me and from some who just like me loads.

From Pep- Mamma Mia The Musical, The Book

Mamma Mia Book

(some classic Bjorn quotes in here)

From my man muse Martin- a beautiful bouquet of perfectly pink roses

From Meg Cabot- a Betsey Johnson pearl necklace with GINOURMOUS pearls on it. (I have taken to wearing them with my pink tracksuits to formal gatherings)

From my father- a pink mouse on a motorbike statue (the money goes to the breast cancer fund)

From Vera Wang Company- a bottle of Vera Wang, Princess perfume (this would not have happened if it weren't for the fab publicist Rachel G. Breinin)

Vera Wang Princess

I also received a pink crown shirt and Godiva chocolates (mmmm). So my Valentine's Day wasn't bad at all AND I am not dating Henry Tudor :)

Thought for the day: Love is blind -- marriage is the eye-opener. - Pauline Thomason

Happy Valentine's Day!

~taste the rainbow~