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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:11
What I am into right now:
1. TV: The Future America
2. Movie: Die Hard (for some year round Christmas cheer)
3. Internet: the kylie minogue channel
4. Book: Ransom My Heart by Princess Mia
5. Something Fab: Little Debbie Heart shaped Cakes

So I rushed out of the fab Meg Cabot show to fly to my parents house to attend another surgery on my da. Pep was on the same plane as I and decided to come with me for moral (or immoral) support. My father had been diagnosed with a clogged aorta or something that on the picture looked white and squishy and menacing. The doctors were doing the final blood work to prepare him for surgery when they lost the white squish… his clog disappeared!! Odd. Then surgery was cancelled and everyone was puzzled, Great *sigh* they’ll be no living with my father now! Because of course he is convinced he cured himself. According to him I had many years to look forward to because of my fine Irish genetics. Fine Irish genetics this…and fine Irish genetics that…good lord as if no Irishman had ever died before. To celebrate I decided to take my fine Irish genetics and his fine Irish genetics and the rest of the fine Irish genetics to Universal Studios.

Upon entering the theme park Pep was accosted by Shaggy, he said “Hey dude, like your hair!” Then Pep went off with Shaggy and Scooby and that was the last I saw of him…

Pep, Shaggy and Scooby

until later that night when I saw him looking rather confused trying to ride a wave sculpture. I have no idea how long Pep had been there trying to catch a wave!

We rode the fab rides but my father got a bit startled on the new Simpson’s ride because it simulates a roller coaster. He actually looked a bit peeked and was pulling a face. So I freaked out and jumped over everyone in a single bound to bust down the exit door of the ride. I thought for sure he was having a heart attack. My da grabbed my hand and said he was fine but he didn’t look it. So eventually I sat down again and we resumed the ride. My mam said I gave her quite a fright because she was positive in a fight between the steel door and me that the door was going to lose utterly. Hell hath no fury like a daddy’s girl scared!


Then we went to the Universal Horror Make-up Show which I think was my favourite show. A special effects artist facetiously explains movie special effects. When I was in the B movie All Cheerleaders Die I was nearly eaten alive because fake blood attracts mosquitoes. So when the FX guy asked “What is fake blood made of?” I answered “Corn syrup and red dye…and bugs. The highlight was Hellboy. Here is me telling Hellboy how much I fancy him and him looking frightened.

Drama and Hellboy

Yeah I am quite the lad magnet.

While walking in a section called Hollywood there was a replica street of Hollywood Boulevard. I use to live on Hawthorn (which is the street behind Hollywood Blvd), it was a decent likeness so I walked behind the street to see if Hawthorn was there but there was just an alley, no street …BUT the alley was actually much cleaner than the one on my old street. Anyway oddly there in Hollywood was a shop that had replicas of the British royal jewels. Huh? Of course you know I love the queen and all her royal goodness so I had to check it out.

My lords and members of the House of Commons I now declare this session of parliament open.

The park was closing and it was time to leave but I spotted the time machine from Back to the Future!

Even some of my best mates do not know this but the director Robert Zemeckis is the reason why I went to University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. He had me at “Romancing the Stone.” My favourite Back to the Future is III where they go back to the wild west. I LOVE the McFlys with their terrible Irish accents but Maggie McFly acts exactly like my grandmother, it is probably my “fine Irish genetics” that makes me like the movie. Sometimes living in California now is reminiscent of the old west. We could probably use a heroine in a white ten gallon hat right now…but I digress. Here is me about to be run over by the train time machine.

You know I actually have one of the rail road spikes for the Back to the Future III movie which was given to me by Ben9000 from Killavox.

Finally the park staff attempted to oust me while I was molesting Back to the Future props. So Pep and I and my waddling parents left to eat supper at the Hard Rock Café.

The wait staff all started dancing on the furniture when YMCA came on their sound system. So of course I joined them…cause it’s fun to stay at the *pulls shapes* Y-M-C-A!

~taste the rainbow~