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Friday, 29 August 2008 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: we are on MTV!
3. Internet: Cat House On the Kings www.cathouseonthekings.com
4. Book: Meg Cabot 24/7 cause I am writing a CD about her books
5. Something Fab: Green tea lattes

After driving non-stop we landed in Chicago at Terminus, and it was a mad mad mad harry potter world! Because of the regular band issues and driving we arrived with nary an hour’s sleep. The entire day was full of Wizard Rock starting at 10:00am to midnight when we played. The first band I saw was House of Black (I think) and the last was Harry and Potters who played before us. Everyone was really good and it was well fun and here are the pics of some of the fab wizard rock peeps we had the pleasure to befriend.

This is Jen Boxerman, she was the coordinator for Terminus and pretty much the fabist of them all. Pep and I were fighting over her so I made Jen my horcrux. She now has rainbow bangs on her forehead :)

Drama and Jen BoxermanPep and Jen Boxerman

After being awake for 2 days we finally took the stage with no sound check and finished the night by wrockin. The Group That Must Not Be Named was uber fab and put our show on youtube for everyone who wasn’t there to see.

We were interviewed by MTV. Here you can see a few seconds of that interview. Essentially there is supposedly some rivalry between the bands who play wizard rock (songs about harry potter books) and Twighlighters (bands who play songs about the Twighlight books). Personally I think everyone should write songs about books no matter which book it is, because books pwn! Anyway, I have no room to criticize anybody singing about books because our next CD is all about Meg Cabot books, which MTV writes about here.

Hawthorne and Holly set up an impromptu acoustic concert in room 2458, where many bands played. It apparently ended at 4 am but I only stayed until about 1 am and then I fell asleep because I had been awake for days. The pink blob is me trying not to fall asleep.

Drama in 2458 listening to Witherwings

These are my homies Hawthorne and Holly…I will miss them most of all.

Drama and Pep with Hawthorn and Holly

Side Note: Pep borrowed my pink digital camera and left it in the hotel room. :(

Dude, this is Pep. I am in so much trouble. If you found the pink camera in 2458 let me know. I'll totally hook you up with a free t-shirt! pep at switchbladekittens dot com


After the day of Potter and MTV we were actually able to see a screening of The Wizard Rockumentary. It is a documentary about wizard rock and we are in it! It was sooo good everyone cried when it was over. This is us with Megan and Mallory the filmmakers.

Drama, Megan, Pep and Mallory

We liked them so much we followed them to their next screening at the Santa Monica Library. We played with The Remus Lupins and The Womping Willows. The Womping Willow himself, Matt formed a “bromance” with Pep I think. Pep even got a song dedicated to him by Matt. I am sooo jealous. Here are the bromance twins.

Matt (from the whomping willows) and Pep

After weeks of wrock I was ready to wrest. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us play because you know you wrock the mostest of all!

~taste the rainbow~