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Tuesday, 02 September 2008 04:31
What I am into right now:
1. TV: the new 90210
3. Internet: Sarah Palin as a sports news presenter: Here
4. Book: Meg Cabot 24/7 cause I am writing a CD about her books
5. Something Fab: Hogwarts Crest shirts with bling

To end the summer of wrock we played a show at Whimsic Alley. Whimsic Alley is a Harry Potter themed store in Santa Monica, CA. This store is pretty much the shizzle! You can see it here http://www.whimsicalley.com
You can now buy our CD at Whimsic Alley for only 10 dollars! It's like magic! Erin and Stan from Whimsic Alley were the jolly good fellows that decided to put on the show. They magically transformed their car park area so several bands could play. And play we did!

First to play was us, Switchblade Kittens at high noon.

Then was Tonks!

Tonks! with Drama and Pep

Then Wingardium Leviosa.

Drama and Pep with Wingardium Leviosa

Then Ginny Potter Revelation (this was her first ever gig)

Drama and Pep with The Ginny Potter Revelation

Then Hermione Crookshanks Experience played.

Drama and Kristine TunaKristine Tuna and Pep

Then Marked as His Equal who is looking very much back to his sexy self after surviving prostrate cancer. Save Mark’s Balls!!! (what? I totally mean Yule balls)

Marked as His Equal

Thanks to Crystal you can see parts of the Whimsic Alley show on YouTube.

So after we rocked the Alley or magical car park as it were we went with some fans and bands to the Literati Café for a book oriented dinning experience. The resturaunt has books in the walls and pics of great authors on the walls. Here are my two favourite wrock fanboy and fangirl of the Potter people who went to eat with us.

It was way fun but suddenly I realized we were late for lock down so we had to go waving our wands…goodbye.

~taste the rainbow~