Everyone is Gay for a day at LA Gay Pride!
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Thursday, 12 June 2008 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Special Buffy The vampire DVD set
2. Movie: Sex In The City the movie (LOVE!)
3. Internet: Internet Radio playing indie bands only
4. Book: Meg Cabot 24/7 cause I am writing a CD about her books
5. Something Fab: Ben 9000 is the new drummer of the band, The Rezurex (and he takes his shirt off every show)

Playing L.A. pride was well fun!!!  I want to thank Gaye Ann for making it all possible.  By the way, Gaye Ann was voted one of the TOP 10 AMAZING LESBIANS IN SHOW BUSINESS FOR 2008 by POWER UP!  She books the bands for L.A. Pride.  Anyway, we performed with fabulous newcomers Aelius, and Pride old timers, Century Blue Project, and the BEST part of all we were one of the warm-up bands for OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN!!!

Olivia was so gracious and every bit the friendly Aussie.  She attempted to commandeer Tabbie’s green sheer cowboy hat which was designed along with her dress by J. Gerard.   But Tabbie hung on to it because designer hats don’t grow on trees you know!  Then Olivia proceeded to chat up, Pep.   We teased Pep to no end afterwards, but poor clueless Pep really had NO IDEA she was working her “Magic”. Someone please send Pep a clue because he could hurt himself if he is not careful!  Haha  Later we were treated to Olivia dazzling us with all her hits and it is one of those moments in life where you think “I can die now because I saw this” 

Olivia Newton-John at LA Pride 2008

CharoTwo special guests for this year’s PRIDE were Terri Nunn of Berlin and Charo!!!  Two of the sweetest people on earth.  I always say that Terri Nunn is the nicest person in the world and if you don’t like Terri there is something wrong with you… well we need to ad Charo to that list.  Charo is like the Spanish Dolly Parton, full of boobs and barbs.  With Olivia, Terri, and Charo, Pride runneth over with the pure joy of it all.  Narre I say we were happy and GAY! For sure!

Drama Kitten at LA Pride 2008

So after Switchblade Kittens performed we were treated to supper supplied by Chipotle.  I picked out a steak burrito and set it down in our dressing tent to chat with everyone.  Well I returned to find our dressing area AND burrito had been absorbed by Momma and Billy Masters.  MOMMA is a fabulous drag queen that was an MC at PRIDE.  So I wasn’t about to try to out Diva a huge drag queen so I trotted back to the food tent and explained sadly that “The big queen ate my burrito!” Several gay men stared at me stunned and left the tent.  As the wonderful crew attempted to obtain new food for me, I became the axis of scandal.  Apparently “burrito” is a euphemism for “lady part” so I was inadvertently accusing MOMMA of batting for the other side.  As in oral sex!  So I tried to clear up the situation by shouting, ”NO! she just ate my burrito, I mean it was just lying there, she probably thought it was hers!” Hilarity ensues. Uggghh

Drama and Pep Kitten at LA Pride 2008

After that we went pouncing and parading and danced with the well fit men in shiny blue speedos (courtesy of Kimberley Locke).  We met up with some of J. Gerard’s minions, two fab gals that had already started the PRIDE party.  Several friendly types placed beads over our heads like we just landed on Fantasy Island and they were leas. One random burly lesbian ran toward me and said “Hey PINKY!” and felt me up as I walked by.  One of my new friends said well “it isn’t a good PRIDE unless you are felt up by a lesbian!” Excellent!  Then I found the Mamma Mia booth, I actually squealed with joy.  I can’t wait for the movie to come out!  They had Mamma Mia sunscreen but I love the movie so I didn’t want to use it.  So I sizzled for awhile then I found the Walgreens booth.  Walgreens saved me from a 2nd degree sunburn by handing out 50 factor sun cream.  Which the back of my knees ended up sunburned anyway, what is up with that?  So I am red but not dead, happy and Gay for the day from L.A. Pride……

~taste the rainbow~