Happy New Year and Many Happy Returns
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Thursday, 24 January 2008 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: The West Wing (LOVE Ainsley!)
2. Movie: Marie Anttoinette by Sofia Coppla (I want candy!)
3. Internet: Maria Bamford pwns! (www.superduluxe.com)
4. Book: The Federalist Papers by the founding fathers of the United States
5. Something Fab: X by Kylie

First I must tell you the highlights of my holiday season, because I know you all want to know what’s in my tucker bag. True, tis better to give than to receive, but for sake of blogging this is what I received:
- Spice Girls concert tickets (whoot!)

- Betsey Johnson payjamas (so comfy)
- A Hello Kitty mini-oven (I know it is female because it has a pink bow),
- “X” by Kylie Minogue (came in handy on New Year’s, more on that later),
- Barnes and Noble gift card (totally spent in 2 days)
- Starbucks gift card
- Tudors season one (because I have a monarchy problem)
- Pink diamond earrings (so bling)
- A pink jogging kit with the United States presidential seal on it (so I can pretend I am jogging for the people and by the people???)
- Annnd last but not least a cupcake watch, a totally kool pink bracelet that looks like a bullet chain, pink dice, a pink handbag with a kitty wearing a tiara on it (way cute)….oh and lots of pink clothes.

As for our fans,
From Funny Girl we got a promise of girl scout cookies (still waiting…may cry…forming pouty lip…ok starting to cry now…totally depressed from lack of cookie…some people are cruel, really cruel)

(This is not Drama but... this girl looks comfy)

And on a lighter note, from Claire Hostage we received a polar bear from her native country, Iceland. It is really cute and is tremendously kool of her, BUT Pep unknowingly went to pick it up at the airport and was promptly arrested for transporting an endangered animal and is currently in federal prison. But you know it’s the thought that counts…Ok I am taking the mickey, it was a stuffed ragdoll. So Glegileg Jol to Claire!

Moving on, here are my VERY LATE New Year’s Resolutions (they are late because I feel I don’t actually have to start adhering to them until they are written down, which they are now…so I am buggered)

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Will lose 1,000,000 pounds this year, millions and millions! *Puts finger to lips like Dr. Evil* …but am willing to break resolution if the Girl Scout cookies arrive.
  2. Will not argue with mother even though she started it!
  3. Will not party all night on New Year’s Eve with strange British people pulling Christmas crackers, and singing Spice Girls karaoke again. (Funny story here: I ended up trying to sing a duet of “Kids” with a fit bloke from Manchester that looked exactly like Robbie Williams. But when I asked after him later NO ONE at the party knew who he was….odd).
  4. Will practice playing bass more instead of playing on myspace.com (oh this one sounds familiar…yep, same as last year).
  5. Will be nicer to Pep so people stop saying “awww poor Pep” every time they meet him.
  6. Will finish Rebel Princess CD about Meg Cabot books (drat! I said that last year too)
  7. Will get my to-do list done and will stop watching the television even though there are thousands of channels (but specifically will NOT watch the history channel until 3 am…I already KNOW how world war II ends)
  8. Will buy a house, because it is time to be a grown-up homeowner type. (Also neighbors keep complaining about noise from band rehearsals)
  9. Will not spend all my disposable income at Starbucks. Some say I should quit drinking coffee but why should I when there are so many enablers around…you know who you are :)
  10. Organize pink bracelets, necklaces, and rings into pink drawers and hooks and such. So I am not frantically strangling myself while attempting to appear as if I have bling.

'Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!'

Happy New Year and I hope you got everything you wanted for the holiday and to all a good night!

~taste the rainbow~