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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Dead Like Me (and what part is not true?)
2. Movie: Nanny McPhee
3. Internet: Maria Bamford pwns! (
4. Book: Big Boned by Meg Cabot
5. Something Fab: whole grain organic chocolate chip cookies made by Terri Nunn

So in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday these are the things in my life that I am thankful for…

PEP- (he is the blue guy in the band) Pep has been my partner in crime for the 7 years Switchblade Kittens has been in existence. He is a technical genius, so he does insanely advanced things like editing the podcasts, to simple life saving techniques like coding the website. I come up with the schemes and he gets roped into them. Every time he walks into the band house he asks me "What are we going to do today, Brain" and I say "Same thing we do every night." Thanks Pep you are the best sidekick a heroine could ask for.
Although loyal most of the time, he doesn't always agree with my tactics. Pep loves the movie "Toy Story". It is about toys that come to life when the humans are out of the room and one of the main toys is named Buzz Lightyear. I bought Pep a "Talking" Buzz Lightyear Ornament for Christmas. When I took it out of the box it wasn't talking when I pressed the button. So I figured, if I hit it then it might move the electronics inside so it would work. Logically, I hit the ornament against the table (I put towels down to keep it from breaking). After a few tries it still was not working so I started screaming "Talk! Talk! You better TALK Buzz Lightyear!" Just then Pep came in an accused me of "shaking down" Buzz Lightyear. He pulled Buzz away and said "Stop! Just stop! He doesn't know anything!" To which I responded "I paid 10 bucks so he better start talking!" Pep called me a "monster" and ushered Buzz into the protection of his room before I figured out what happened. Pep has a sensitive soul.

BEN9000- (otherwise known as Grouch on the Couch) Ben is the only personal assistant in the world that COMPLAINS about everything you ask him to do. Ben does not go quietly into the good night to pick up the mail. Yet for some reason this makes me laugh. He is like the disgruntled little brother I never wanted, but he never misses a deadline and is a workaholic. Plus he wrote podcasts 6-12 in impossible time. It is like fast service with a grimace. Deep down I like him madly. When he is gone the band house is too quiet… I have grown accustomed to his frowny face.

TABBIE- (she is the green girl in the band) Not everyone likes their sister but I like mine most of the time. This year Tabbie has decided to turn over a new leaf and it's… green. She has been turning up to rehearsals on time and is not such a sourpuss when she is there. She is also an edgy Martha Stewart. She mends my clothes when I wear them out and is highly skilled with a glue gun. She can embellish like no one's business. My sister is an edgy Martha Stewart (without the jail time!)

SOLDIERS- I think about those American women and men out there burning up in the Iraqi dessert during Thanksgiving. I am thankful they exist and are trying to make sure September 11th never happens again. No matter where you stand politically these soldiers are far away from home this holiday and they are doing it for us, so I thank them. If you want to thank a soldier please go to and help a soldier get necessities or holiday cheer.

COLD WEATHER PAYJAMAS- I received gingerbread man payjamas as an early holiday present and I just love them. They even have matching slippers! They are flannel and comfy that I decided to start wearing them during the day. The funny part is most people just assume that I have a bit of a festive spirit and that the payjamas are actual holiday kit! So I am thankful for the cold weather so I can run about town in my gingerbread man payjamas (with matching sunglasses!).

FANS- Last but not least our fans. Some days I don't want to go on, I think that my life is completely futile, and that I suck… a lot. But all that changes when I get an e-mail or wee animation from one of you guys. One e-mail can change my mood for a week and then all the hard stuff involved in having a band is then worth it. Two of the fab fans that have made my month are Claire Hostage from Iceland who made her own animated version of a music video for our song, Magic Cat. Thanks Claire

And a big thanks to Brittany who made this Kitty Turkey for thanksgiving.

Happy oppression of Native Americans Day or as the locals say, Happy Thanksgiving!

~taste the rainbow~