10 Things I Like About You...
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Sunday, 13 May 2007 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I bought the first on DVD)
2. Movie: Music and Lyrics (and what exactly is NOT true?)
3. Internet: Meg Cabot's Blog
4. Book: Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot
5. Something Fab: Godiva Hot Chocolate

Stuff… sometimes your stuff is an extension of you as well as the things you are into. There are some things in your life, that if you didn’t have them, somehow you would not be you. This is a list of props to occupy my time. These are a few of my favourite things without the bee stinging or dog bites.

10 Things I Like About You…

  1. Senseo: One of the advantages of being semi-famous is the free stuff that gets sent to you. I admit it… I will promote, eat, wear, talk about anything if you send it to me for free. I am just that kinda girl :) cause I love stuff! So one day in the post I received a Senseo coffee/tea machine. It was manna from heaven people, and that is no lie. I LOVE it. I have a 10 cup a day coffee habit and I was looking to turn a few of them into tea so this was the answer. It uses coffee or tea pods so you can make one cup at a time. This rocks so hard because I can have a different flavour every cup instead of wasting a whole pot on one kind of coffee or tea. Whoot! This works out the best when the band and podcast actors all convene at the apartment. Then I can make each person a separate flavour of coffee and no one complains (as you know Tabbie and I can never agree on anything much less coffee). Goddess bless the Senseo. Now when we crack-up, we can shoot different flavours of coffee through our noses! www.senseo.com

  2. Aria Bass: My fab pink bass is named Granuaile after my ancestor Grace O’Malley the pirate queen. I endorse Aria basses and with good reason. I love it soooo much I wanna marry it! My Pepto-Bismol coloured bass is really lightweight. I used to have a jazz bass and I had back pain from it (I swear you can get back problems this young!) Plus Aria was very cool about my left-handedness (one company told me to learn to play the RIGHT way! Bastards!) www.ariausa.com

  3. Meg Cabot’s Blog: Meg Cabot is the author of a gazillion books, but is most famous for The Princess Diaries Series. She is a pink lovin, book writin, madwoman with a one-eyed cat and a lot of style. I love her blog because she talks about her zany adventures on a weekly basis and gives sneak previews of her books. I am so addicted I look at it everyday. Sometimes she mentions me in it and that makes me feel all warm inside ;) www.MegCabot.com

  4. Groupies (Musical Man Muses): Groupies are underestimated on how much they influence us as artists. For me when I say Groupies I mean Martin and Pleather. I value their opinions above all others. They are the two greatest guys a girl could ever have the privilege to know. I inherited Martin from Terri Nunn (Berlin) and I gotta tell you he is the best present she ever gave me. Martin is an older gentleman who is wise and discerning. He always tells it to me straight and whenever I want an opinion from a grown-up he is always there. The only drawback is I have to fight with Deborah Harry for him and she usually wins :)
    Pleather, is my main groupie man. We hang nearly every day and I live for his encouragement. Pleather is the most famous male groupie and it is beyond an honour that he chose to be my muse. Pleather is the reason we have a monthly podcast www.myspace.com/switchbladekitten Pleather is so fab in fact, Pamela Des Barres (the most famous groupie of all time) wrote about him in her new book, Let's Spend the Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies. www.pameladesbarres.com

  5. Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea moisturizing lotion: I buy this by the case. I love the way it smells. I have tried other expensive shea lotions and this is better and cheaper. One day I was at the computer and Pep came into the room and asked if I had cupcakes. I soon realized he was smelling the lotion on my skin and told him so. He promptly took a bite out of my arm! “Owww! Pep that hurt, what are you doing?” he looks non-plussed and says, “Dude, I was just checking!” So let this be a lesson to you… never get on a plane with Pep. If you get stranded after a plane accident in the snow with no food, Pep WILL eat you!

  6. Spice Girls: Seriously. I started to get into them when I was repeatedly mistaken for Emma Bunton (Baby Spice). In honour of her, I named my trusty GPS Emma, because of her cheerful English accent. I love to repeatedly watch their movie Spice World. It is filled with music industry jokes and female humour. They are the girls who were always keeping it happy and popularized feminism into the catch phrase, “Girl Power!” *holds up two fingers*. My favourite Spice Girl is Geri Halliwell (Ginger). Even today, The Spice Girls are the gift that keeps on giving. Between reality shows, spaghetti sauce commercials, and some baby’s mamma drama involving the guy who played Pluto Nash, there’s spicy stuff happening all the time! People of the world, Spice Up Your Life! www.geri-halliwell.com

  7. Girl Scout Cookies: These cookies are NOT made with actual Girl Scouts! It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! Once a year little green girls stand outside the grocery store hawking their baked goods. These cookies are nearly guilt free because the money goes to a good cause and you get to eat a box of biscuits. It’s a win, win situation! My favourite are “Tagalongs.” They have a myspace page where you can look at their retro commercials as well as tantalizing pictures of each type of cookie. It’ll make you fat just by looking at them! www.myspace.com/girlscoutcookiesale Our love of Girl Scout Cookies prompted us to record a cover of the Brownie Smile song (their youngest groups campfire song) you can hear it at www.myspace.com/switchbladekittens

  8. Barnes and Noble Sale Annex/ Bargain-Priced Books: I have a BN membership card that entitles me to 10 percent off at anytime. It’s worth it for me because I have a SERIOUS book problem. Try to make me go to Rehab I say no, no, no! BN has literally (pun intended) multiple groupings of shelves at their store that contain bargain priced books. Most of them are former bestsellers at nearly 70 percent off the original price. I LIVE there, so if you are looking for me just look under bargain books. An added bonus is that the BN Café sells Starbucks coffee and is the only retailer of Godiva hot chocolate by the cup. Godiva and books… Valhalla! If you are an online gal go to www.bn.com Sometimes they have sales on bargain books where you can buy 2 and get 1 free. One time I bought Meg Cabot, Alice Hoffman, and Virginia Woolf (all in hardcover) for a grand total of $8.00. I kid you not!

  9. Rit Clothing Dye: I only wear pink and everything I own is pink. If I want a particular t-shirt (No Boundaries Organic t-shirts are fab) or a tote bag and it comes in white or natural, I have to dye it pink, well Rose Pink or Fuchsia usually. I have become and expert at it, and can pretty much get anything to dye, except maybe 100% polyester. One time Pep annoyed me so I took all his clothes and used royal blue Rit Dye and dyed them all the exact same colour. Seriously, don’t mess with me or you’ll dye!

  10. The Irish Spring Soap website: My relatives and friends from across the pond could not BELIEVE that there was soap in America that claims you can be fresh and clean like an Irish person! I had to send the soap to them before they were convinced I was not just taking the mickey. Now they tease me saying “Do you smell like an Irish Lass today?” Clearly they are convinced that all Irish-Americans are out of their gourde. Anyway, This site makes me roll with laughter. An Irish lad goes on a diatribe in the middle of an Irish paddock, with a creek and sheep. This site is hilarious! If you keep watching it eventually the lad will dance and goof about between the sheep. Which if you ask me, is more like the Irish I know. Added bonus: If you watch carefully a leprechaun appears briefly. http://www.colgate.com/app/IrishSpring/US/EN/Bodywash/

~taste the rainbow~