A Dragon to Call My Own
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Wednesday, 17 January 2007 00:00

I know it is very un-rock 'n roll of me, but I have to admit that I love the holiday season. Like every other princess, I love presents. Tis near the end of January and I'm still rolling around in my gifts like a puppy in a new pile of smelly squishy stuff. This holiday season was chock-full of holiday cheer, bookstore gift cards, and frolic. This is the list of bounty from my Tucker bag:

From Coffie -- pink kitty pajamas, warm pink footie socks, and a door knob exerciser (I think Coffie thinks my door nob is fat).

From Tabbie -- bubblegum flavored candy canes and a doll that is a mini me (Tabbie is going through this strange phase right now where she is modifying dolls, not to make them prettier I might add, but the doll of me has perfect rainbow to hair and the exact face I make when I am angry).

Like any good band leader I love all my band members, but my favorite gift this year was given to me by the bluest of them all, Pep. From Pep I was given my very own Dragon.

Dragon is speech recognition software (hypothetically). The directions are simple. First, you put on a headset with a microphone. The headset makes you feel like you should be directing plane traffic without the big orange batons or like concert Britney Spears circa 1997 without the big fake bosoms. In theory, the headset makes it easier for you to speak clearly into the microphone. Whatever you say into the mic is interpreted by the software and typed onto the page, so the microphone has to be adjusted to just the right place near your mouth or the Dragon cannot hear you clearly and your paragraphs begin to resemble Madlibs. Unfortunately for me, I have found that even when the microphone is adjusted to the correct spot, your documents STILL resemble Madlibs. I got the program because I can't type... apparently it can't either. Supposedly,Dragon has to be trained to interpret your voice. So currently the majority of my time is spent doing just that... training my Dragon. Right now I am the one breathing fire.

I just want to state for the record, that if my blogs start to read like I an smoking crack it is not my fault; it is the Dragons'. Here is an example of some fun with Dragon:

The correct sentence: My band and I are planning a trip to the sweet shop, because Godiva boxes are on sale.

The correct sentence on Dragon: My band deny planning to strip at the sweet shop, because our nine boxes are on sale.

Clearly having a Dragon can get you into a bit of trouble. In the wizarding world (land of Harry Potter) owning a Dragon is illegal. Clever wizards. But this is the Muggle (real) world, so what I'm doing is, unfortunately, perfectly legal. In honor of this utopian society, I've decided to name my mischievous Dragon, Norbert, after Hagrid's Dragon. Now I am off to tame the beast...

Farewell till later from Drama.

Caramel filled lather from Norbert.

Slán leat (this is not a Dragon issue it is just Irish)

~taste the rainbow~