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Monday, 04 December 2006 00:00
What I am into right now:
1. TV: Veronica Mars (I bought all the seasons on DVD, I am obsessed!)
2. Movie: Just Visiting (I watch it over and over again)
3. Internet: Harry Potter Journal
4. Book: Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
5. Something Fab: Strawberry Candy Canes

So this week Meg Cabot wrote a fab blog about how Switchblade Kittens rocks. You can see it here. We feel the love and believe me it is returned when it comes Meg Cabot because well she is a Pink Goddess. All I have to say in response to her blog is YES! I consider myself a pink wearing, card carrying, Simone reading, leg waxing FEMINIST!

But enough about meÖRecently we have noticed a surgence of fans from Holland. They are celebrating currently holiday festivities. So in honour of our fans from Holland, my favourite fan from Holland, A.C. will make a special guest blog appearance, take it away A.CÖ.

Thank you so much! I have to tell you that,I didn't had time to listen to your music,it was a kind of hectic week, over here,you had Thanksgiving,but we had an election,we have also a special day coming,that's called,I don't know if you have ever heard of it. Well,if your interested,it's something mostly for the children,it's a person that looks a lot like Santa Claus only he rides a white horse,and has a lot of servants that carry a lot of sacks full of presents,or candy called kruidnoten,pepernoten,taaitaai,marsepein and speculaas. He comes from Spain,that's what the tale is everybody tells there little children,so they are all very nervous when he comes in the country,he arrives by boat,that's live on television. So every child can see it,he arrives also in nearly every city or town,so there are really a lot Sinterklaasen everywhere,but for the little kids,there is only one. He also comes at schools,where he carries also a great book,in that book are so-called the names of the children,but it tells also the question if a kid has behave it self through the whole of last year,if not then you will put in a great sack and will taken away with Sinterklaas to Spain. So many kids who believe that,will be a little nervous,but mostly they're more nervous,what kind of present they will get,it's just a little like the present,you have with Christmas. Only here the children,have more surprises,because,from the moment,the Sint is in town,they can set there shoe or boots with a carrot for his horse,for the fireplace or chimney in the hope that they get something,a small present or sweet candy,as a wrote earlier,and that can or will they do from the 18 November,on that day,he comes in town,till the great day of his birthday,that's on 5 December. But it's definitely not only for the children,even the adults are given each other presents,mostly they try to make from their present a whole surprise,some are going so far that they,pack there present in big box full of wool from wood,or paper,all for fun. I almost forgot even in the Supermarket,children can put there there shoe or boot,and get a nice surprise. And on the Fifth of December,mostly all the stores in town or the city are closing early,and people are earlier from work also,just to have more time to celebrate,I receive from my work a almond cake,and in the afternoon and evening the Sint will appears on most TV channels,so you see we have something really nice over here. I hope you like it.
Greetings A.C.

Thanks A.C. now back to our regularly scheduled Dramaís blog. So Pepís dad is from Spain and unfortunately the ONLY person I know from Spain. So in honour of our Holland fans I started to call Pepís dad, Sinterklaas. But for some reason he thought I said stinky-house. So he was upset because he thought I kept saying his house was stinky. So now he wonít let me go to his house, Sheesh some people are soooo touchy. So in honouring our fans from Holland, Pepís father hates my guts.

So I say to everyone from Spain and from Holland...

Happy Holidays you Sinterklaasen!

~taste the rainbow~